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Billy Palmer is a composer from London for games. 

Billy excels in bringing a unique ingredient to each production, from live performers and orchestral colour to improvisation and bespoke sampling.

In 2018, Billy was intern composer in-house at 

Octopus 8 Studios, where he gained experience in 

adaptive music and audio integration.

Since 2019, Billy has been

freelancing in game audio.

You can reach Billy on twitter

or get in touch with him at

"Billy did a terrific job at transcribing my scores for Last Stop. He showed great attention to detail and was very independent, needing next to no management. I hope to work with Billy again in the future."

- Lyndon Holland, Variable State

"Working with Billy has been a pleasure. He understood the complexity of our design and tailored the music to fit perfectly. His music allowed us to achieve a strong aesthetic early on that would not have existed without him."

- Emily Bailey, Antler Studios



Robot-Recycling Factory from Unspottable - #Cheaky #Party-Game #Robot-Jazz
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NightLight from Alchemist's Compendium - #Evocative #Ambient #Mystique
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Alchemist's Compendium Main Theme - #Playful #Tudor #Low-Fantasy
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Tribute To Total War: Warhammer 2 - #Dark #Cinematic
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...Again, Morning - #Emotional #Place-Music #Impressionistic
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