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Bespoke To Your Space.

I'm actually very stressed so I wrote this thing

“It was so beautiful...I saw the future of this hotel.”

Sue Hudson, The Lion Hotel, Buckden

It's just hands

Billy Palmer is a student of composition. Improvising on the piano from the age of 8, Billy has reimagined his repertoire over the years to provide relaxing, spontaneous piano entertainment. Inspired by a love of jazz, impressionism and romantic technique, Billy’s music aims to be a beautiful cleansing palette to accompany your space.

Reasonable fees and simple logistics.


£20 1 Hour ~ A meditative fusion of jazz standards, original compositions and improvisations.

£40 2 Hours ~ Ample time to unwind.

£50 3 Hours ~ May be prone to medleying.

In certain circumstances an additional fee scaling with travel may apply.

Simply allow for 2m by 1m of space with access to a wall socket.

A beautiful weighted Yamaha will then arrive along with a pianist...


To book or for general inquiries please do get in touch by emailing .

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